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BodyMetrix Body Composition Analysis

At MADE, assessment is very important to our training process when trying to take an individual to the next level. Assessment is the starting point where we begin to build a specific program that will meet our client’s needs. Often times we have clients guessing about important variables that greatly impact their fitness success. At MADE, we use the latest and most effective training tools to get you the information you need. BodyMetrix Ultrasound technology measures true tissue structure so it may detect actual fat loss and muscle gain down to the millimeter. You can now see real progress being made from diet and exercise. There is no embarrassing pinching involved. Validate all your hard work with this cutting edge technology. Clients are provided with a full body composition health assessment to better guide them in their fitness journey. Please contact us to set up your appointment.

Functional Movement Screening

The FMS gives our fitness professionals a baseline for evaluating fundamental moment patterns. This information is then evaluated so that we can identify any asymmetries or dysfunctions in the body that may lead to injury. Our fitness professionals take all the information gathered and develop a corrective exercise strategy that can be used to minimize the risk of the previously discussed injuries as well as improve sub-optimal moment patterns and ultimately improve performance. The Functional Moment Screen is used in many professional sports organization, collegiate teams, and military instillation all over the world.