Project Description

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I believe what makes the MADE HiiT system work is that it can accommodate almost any fitness level. This means that you could be training next to someone on your right that is at a lower overall fitness level than others in the class and on your left a very high level participant that has been training for several years. Our progressive exercise method allows participants to train effectively at their present fitness level and then progress at there own pace. Most activities are timed drills or individual tasks. For example, one participant may perform 10 reps in the same time that another performed 15. Although, everyone is training together and for the same allotted time period, each individual participant is performing up to their own ability. MADE HiiT classes are structured so that higher-level participants will never feel like they are being held back by other participants and likewise, lower fitness level participants should never feel like they are holding others back.

Training sessions are varied constantly so you should never be bored with your workouts. You should not expect to perform the some workout twice. MADE HiiT classes always include a warm up such as, dynamic stretching, light jogging, or jump roping. You should expect a more high-intensity interval type training to follow. An example would be Tabata intervals, sprinting, box jumping or hill running.

We will often finish the last half of class with a strength training workout. Strength training includes squatting, pressing, pulling, trunk rotation, planking, bridging and light plyometrics. These core elements are done in several different combinations and also varied constantly to challenge the body and engage you mentally. Several types of equipment are used to add to the effectiveness of our HiiT class. Some of our favorites are kettlebells, TRX suspension trainers, medicine balls, stability balls, power bands, agility ladders and much more.

Garrett Watson leads most the boot camp classes. Garrett has ten years of training experience. He is a RKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor, (CSCS) Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Certified personal trainer, TRX instructor, and Level 1 Cross Fit Coach.